Head of Affiliates network should be an organized, detail oriented and digital business professional with not less than 3-4 years of experience in Affiliate Networks & Affiliates management. He will be responsible for all planning - executing - hiring activities that are related to his department with full ownership of revenue affection.

Job Description:

  • Responsible for MarketeersHub Affiliates Network Growth Plan
  • Responsible for Publisher Development Planning & Execution
  • Responsible for Planning & Achieving The Network Targeted Revenue
  • Responsible for The Network Team Hiring Plan & Team Building
  • Responsible for The Network Budgeting & All It’s assigned activities
  • Responsible for Campaigns Development & Payout Planning
  • Responsible for The Publisher Payment Cycle Planning
  • Responsible for Establishing a Feedback system between the network and the Sales & Finance Department (Reporting & Referrals).
  • Responsible for Leading All The Network Related Insource - Outsource Communications.

Our Non Negotiable 10x Skills:

  1. Proven track of 3+ Years experience in Affiliate Network or Affiliate Management.
  2. Knowledge of Performance Marketing Methods
  3. Details Oriented
  4. Cost Cutting
  5. Budgeting
  6. G-Suit Expert
  7. Marketing Communication Expert
  8. Ambitious Dreamer
  9. Inspiring Leader
  10. Oriented with industry Tech & Automation