The perfect candidate should be an organized, smart and fully aware of the digital trends in Egypt & Gulf Markets with not less than 1-2 years of experience in Influencers Networks & Paid Influencers campaigns.
He will be responsible for executing organic & paid influencers campaigns and ensure performance over several campaigns with all it’s activities.

Job Description:

  • Responsible for Influencers Sign ups Plan & Database growth.
  • Responsible for setting department growth goals & KPIs
  • Responsible for Setting department Revenue Planning & Targets.
  • Able to lead a team of influencers and drive them forward “Career & Delivery”
  • Operationalize and establish processes for scaling the Influencer marketing practices
  • Create influencer documentation profiling suite
  • Drive innovative short-form content strategies across all social mediums: video, motion graphic, animation, still and text.
  • Stay informed on platform and legal updates. Ensure the team is compliant across all legal requirements, privacy, brand and platform restrictions
  • Oversee timelines and onsite operations, content capture, approvals and timely posting of all influencer content.

Our Non Negotiable 10x Skills:

  1. Coachable
  2. Responsible
  3. Details Oriented
  4. Cost Efficient
  5. Planner
  6. G-Suit Expert
  7. Marketing Communication Expert
  8. Ambitious Dreamer
  9. Inspiring Leader
  10. Oriented with industry Tech & Automation